About Us

Arya Samaj Of Suburban Detroit (ASOSD) is a religious, charitable, non-profit and Tax Exempt (EIN# 80-0102584) organization.

It has been active in Metro Detroit for more than 25 years, holding monthly Satsangs to spread the message of Vedas, Hindutva, Maharishi Dayanand & Arya Samaj.
  • Performing Monthly Havan/Yaj and talk series on various religious topics
  • Conducting Multi-Kundi Yajnas to offer prayers for spiritual well-being of all
  • Holding Vedic Workshop to gain deeper knowledge about our philosophy
  • Celebrating Deepawali festival to our glorious history and overall message of Good Over Evil
  • Promoting physical well-being of all, holds yearly health camp
  • Supporting many social events such as Indian Independence Day.
  • Holding Hindi and Music classes for our youth