Make The World Noble!

Gyan, Karam and Bhakti

True Knowledge followed by Continuous Hard-work, then Surrender to God

Arya Samaj – A Movement

  • Hindutva: Arya Samaj is NOT a sect or religion; It represents the purest form (Vedic Dharma) of Hindu religion.
  • The Supreme-being: Arya Samaj believes in ONE God (AUM) and ONLY ONE God, and we all have DIRECT relation with Him.
  • Our Philosophy:  It presents simple, parallel to nature, logical and SCIENTIFIC view of Hindutva based on Vedas.
  • What’s in the name: Arya means noble and Samaj means society; Ayra Samaj means a society (unity) of noble people.
  • Mission: To promotes Knowledge, Truth, Justice & Service for all.